IM Books.Everything
"The book is a companion that does not 
praise you and does not entice you to evil. 
It is a friend that does not bore you, and 
it is a neighbour that causes you no harm. 
It is an acquaintance that desires not to 
extract from you favours through flattery, 
and it does not deceive you with duplicity 
and lies" - Al-Jahiz
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About Us

IM Books.Everything was registered in January 2016.

Our main activity is Publishing. We publish especially academics and non-fiction books, although we also accept manuscripts of other types of genres such as fictions.

We are also a book supplier and have recently been appointed as a sales agent for IKSEP - Institute Kajian Sejarah dan Patriotisme Malaysia (Malaysian Institute of Historical and Patriotism Studies). We can also received order for SIRIM Industry Standards.

Our other activities are Training and Consultancy on information management, records management, library management and other related areas. Please click here to know more about Training & Consultancy.


IM Books.Everything aims to promote local authors to write professional and academic books that will be used for reference purposes.


To be the best local publisher for academic books especially books on information management.  


About the Owner

Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohd is the owner of IM Books.Everything.

Work experience:  16 years at SIRIM Berhad. Last position: Senior Manager at SIRIM Technical Library (1991-2007); 8 years at Qatar Petroleum as a Records Analyst  (2007 - 2015).

Qualification: Bachelor of Library Science (UiTM) - 1985 ; Master of Information and Library Studies (U. of Michigan) - 1987.