We were registered as a company in January 2016. Our registration no.: SA0366438-K


Our main activity is publishing. We publish all types of books especially academics and non-fiction books, although we also accept manuscripts of other types of genres such as fiction. We accept books in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Our other activities are Training and Consultancy on:

- Information Management
- Records Management
- Library Management
- Other related areas

Currently, we have published 12  books which are:

1. Perpustakaan Penggerak Peradaban
2. Passion for Books: A Journey to the World of Books and Books Lovers - A Cultural Perspective (in English)
3. Transformasi Pusat Sumber Sekolah pada Alaf Baru
4. Pusat Sumber Maklumat dalam Era Digital
5. Big Data and Knowledge Management (in English)
6. Asas Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
7. Teknik Interviu dan Pengurusan Kerjaya
8. Idea Sketches for Jewellery and Metalwork (in English)
9. Sustainable Oral Health Through Innovative Solutions (in English)
10. Travelog Pencinta Buku
11. Knowledge Assets
12. Dari Buku Ke Filem: Menelusuri Keakraban Buku, Sastera dan Filem

About the owner

Name: Abdul Rahman Mohd
Experience: SIRIM Berhad (16 years (1990-2007). Last position - Senior Manager of SIRIM Technical Library); Qatar Petroleum (8 years (2007-2015) as a Record Analyst)
Education: Graduated from U. of Michigan (1987) and UiTM, Shah Alam (1985).


Ahmad Haris - Marketing Executive; 011-25701857
Baihaqi - Designer (part time)
Editor/s - as and when needed.