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It is a friend that does not bore you, and 
it is a neighbour that causes you no harm. 
It is an acquaintance that desires not to 
extract from you favours through flattery, 
and it does not deceive you with duplicity 
and lies" - Al-Jahiz
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In any organization, all activities will involve business processes and every official business process produces records as evidence of that process. These records are very important in terms of financial, audit, legal, and administrative matters.
This training program is designed to educate staff in any organization about the basic process of filings and records management including definitions, standards, classifications, records retention policy, guidelines, procedures, dispositions and different types of records, etc.

    Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to learn basic skills and knowledge required in managing filing system and records in their organization. These include:-

  • Understanding the basic rules in filing, indexing and classification of records.
  • Understanding the National Archives Act of Malaysia and roles of the National Archives.
  • Understanding the basic information on Records Management and discusses the common issues/concerns related to Records Management.
  • Understanding the basic concept of Records Management, its key principles, important elements and main benefits;
  • Familiarizing the concept and purpose of Records Retention & Disposition Schedules (RRDS), its implication for non-compliance and the 'how to' implement it at respective organisation;
  • Understanding the purpose & functions of a Records Centre;
  • Learning the processes involved in records disposition that include depositing records to the Records Centre, retrieving of records from the Records Centre, and the disposing of records.

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